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Oak Ridge, TN, 37830
United States


What's your personal elevator pitch?

In a nutshell, I am an information systems concierge; a solutions architect; a full-stack developer.  I have had the opportunity to specialize in a number of technical areas that compliment each other from idea pitching, market research, project planning and management, to programming, database management and design, user interface development, deployment, SEO tuning and A/B testing when it is time to take a different direction. I enjoy working on a team be it in person or remotely, love the challenge of new tech, and have been particularly excited about the mobile revolution that continues to grow.

My current loves though are data and mobile programming using iOS Swift.

I am not great at graphic design though.  I can draw stick figures.  Thankfully I have friends that can make everything I do look pretty.

I am also a dad, husband, culinary enthusiast, zen kayaker, hobby photographer, and a mobile app junkie.

What roles have you performed?

iOS Application Designer
API specialist
Project Manager
Web Application Programmer
Programming Analyst
Data Architect
Front-End Designer

Jack of all trades master of none?

Sometimes it feels that way because I am always learning.  I have worn lots of hats but having been in the information systems industry since the mid 90s I have been afforded the opportunity to focus in on different aspects of the industry each for an extended period of time.

I started out as a front-end designer and web application programmer, focused in on project management using the waterfall method to begin with followed more recently with agile and kanban, spent three years working exclusively as a data architect, a year as an API specialist designing RESTful web services and implementing OAUTH security methods, and for the past couple years I have been an iOS application developer leading projects, programming in Objective-C and Swift.

I imagine a master to be someone who focuses in on one thing for 20 years, but I am an expert and a professional at all these roles.

And as you might have guessed, the roll of “Dad” is my favorite.

What are you good at?




I am pretty good at a number of things but right now Swift is my primary focus as I am working on iOS applications and I love it.

In the past though, I excelled as a data architect, website developer, and special projects lead.

What other buzzwords can you throw at me?



More than just pretty words, these are terms, methods, process and procedures that I use on a daily basis and nearly all of it is used to add quality to my work or make my challenges a little easier.

Are you educated?

I have been in the Information Systems industry for the better part of two decades and completed my BS while working.  So yes, educated in the conventional sense, and on-the-job.

Bachelors of Science, Information Systems
Concentration in Web Development
Minor in Enterprise Data Management

Do you have any industry experience?

A little bit...

Actually, I have the better part of 2 decades of experience across digital marketing with business like Weber Shandwick, application development for government groups such as DoE, DoEd, DoD, and the NSF.   I also have some experience in the manufacturing and industrial industries such as Clayton Homes, Bush Bros., and Bectel Jacobs and there are lots of smaller retail industry experiences I had while managing my on consulting firm that are too countless to remember.

Are you avaliable for consultant work?

I am pretty busy with my day job and I have a couple side projects but it never hurts to ask.  Feel free to contact me and we can chat about your idea.  If I don't have the time, I might know someone who does.


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