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Chaos: Making a New Science


Chaos: Making a New Science

Wade Cantley

Chaos: Making a New Science
By James Gleick

Chaos... the final frontier....
No really... it is the edge of order that teases that all things are connected, that all things have an infinite history of precise interactions and as a result so does the future... if you know the direction everything is heading at any given point in time.

And so our world is largely comprised of what we can make predictable from one moment to the next and where the variables become too complex for us to fathom, it becomes unpredictable.  

From fractals to a detailed description of what the butterfly theory really means, this is a great book and worth the read up until the math starts to get heavy.    However, the first half and many other parts of the book shed light on the ticking pieces behind the scenes of physics, weather, space & time, and how a lack of order or "chaos" is merely our search for patterns in a world of variables too large to fully predict.  Just an eye opening read.