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Ready Player One

Wade Cantley

  • It is a dystopian world in the not-so-distant-future.
  • The world is consumed with an online virtual reality called the "OASIS".
  • Inventor of the OASIS dies and leaves behind a riddle-laden easter egg hunt for the ownership of the OASIS and lots of money.
  • Egg Hunters (Gunters) spend years becoming obsessed with everything the inventory cherished : movies, music, TV, and games of the 80s and 90s. 
  • Wade Watts tells the story of how he found each of the keys and gates, love, friendship, and the life-threatening challenges that stood in his path.


The Subtle Art of Not Giving a F*ck: A Counterintuitive Approach to Living a Good Life

Wade Cantley

  • We are bombarded by too many little issues that beg for fucks to be given.

  • We have a limited number of fucks

  • Life is various levels of suffering flanked by pain and joy as feedback for thefucks we give.

  • Choose wisely the fucks you give and make them meaningful and purposeful to get the the most joy out of our suffering.

  • Life is filled with problems no matter your position in life. The key is to find the good problems to have for the joy is in suffering through solving good problems, only then to be presented with more problems.

  • Identify when you are responsible and make yourself response-able.

Seriously, a great book to put a spin on the perspective of life, and how to enjoy it and more importantly, how to segregate out those things that pull at us that we have little to no control or that would have us bend to their will.

A good life is about identifying values that pose good problems, and trimming out (aka not giving a fuck about) those values that get us nowhere.

The 4-Hour Chef

Wade Cantley

Along the way there are many stories, examples and experiments he shares that deal with health, how to learn quickly, and how to figure out how to master anything in the shortest time possible.

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The Phoenix Project

Wade Cantley

A friend of mine who works in security recommended this book.  He may have also mentioned something about the CTO having read it and like it.  And, to keep up with the jargon I knew was coming round the bend I figured I needed to read this lovely trope.   But it was way better than I expected.

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Rocket Surgery Made Easy

Wade Cantley

This book is about piloting the plane that is your website, your program... your project.  Quite simply, you don't just take off, point the nose in about the right direction and then go in back and take a nap and hope that you end up over Albuquerque in a few hours.  Yet, lots of businesses plan projects exactly like that.

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Chaos: Making a New Science

Wade Cantley

Chaos... the final frontier....
No really... it is the edge of order that teases that all things are connected, that all things have an infinite history of precise interactions and as a result so does the future... if you know the direction everything is heading at any given point in time.

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