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Shortcuts, easter eggs, and the exaustingly fun pursuit of solving lifes problems in unconventional ways.

Fishtank Daylight Timed LED : Part 3 - Creating the Disk

Wade Cantley

I received the power supply and the diodes in the mail.


Tried to boot up from the disk.


Still same error so I looked further and I think that I didn't burn the OS to the disk properly.  I figured I could just open up the .img file, and copy the files over.  But I was wrong.  I have to burn them to the card.  So I decided to go with the KANO burner for my MAC which has a nice copy of all the applications I think i will need as well as some games for the kids to learn on down the road.

But just in case I needed to do something different down the road I read about a different loader that may help me get the OS burned in easy.


Crossing my fingers.