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Shortcuts, easter eggs, and the exaustingly fun pursuit of solving lifes problems in unconventional ways.

Fishtank Daylight Timed LED : Part 2 - PANIC!

Wade Cantley

Ok, I couldn't find my power source for the Pi so I harvested one for recharging one of my phones.  And then I ran into this.

PANIC: VFS Unable to mount root fs on unknown-block (179,2)

The keyboard didn't seem to light up, and of course and the mouse was useless at this point.  So I went looking around and found this help forum.

" I found a reference that low voltage on the supply or feeds from the USB ports can cause unexpected writes to the SD card (I cant currently find the reference)."

This was really less important in finding the problem but it pointed to something I vaguely remembered when ordering which was that it needed a 2.5 amp power supply to fully power all the ports.  On checking my power supplies I didn't have anything that came close.  So, I cancelled my first power supply order and ordered the proper 2.5 amp power supply.

In the mean time I am going to see if  can tackle the software aspect by finding an emulator.  First stop is here.