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Fishtank Daylight Timed LED - Research

Wade Cantley

So here is the pitch.

I have a fish tank that I use an LED strip for lighting but it is one of those sylvania light strips that have a remote so you can change the brightness, the color, etc..

I also have my computer lit up with the same sort setup and being that my office, the tank, etc, is in my basement, I have no windows to really act as a night or day indicator.  So what I want to do is this.

  1. Get my RaspberryPi online and connect to an API that has the time as well as time to sun up and sun down.
  2. Hook up a IR LED
  3. Write some software that calls on the API occasionally to get that data and sends the IR code to the light's sensors and changes the color and brightness based on the time of day.


This way, if sunset is at 7:35, the light will be about mid red and mid brightness, morning will progressively get more yellow, until it is white and full at mid day, and at night it will be various shades of blue with the brightness lowered the later it gets.

What have I got?

  • RapberryPi
  • LED lighting for the tank.
  • various electronic stuff, breadboard, etc.

What do I need?

  • IR LED
  • Photodiodes

Here are some research link/s

Let's get started!