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Son forgot the lock code for his iPad. Hard reset ensues

Wade Cantley

I pulled this off of some site when I needed to borrow my son's iPad, that I gave him, for a work project.  Since he is particularly fond of his mini, it had been a while since he had used the larger one and subsequently forgot the lock code.

So, here is how to do a hard reset to factory conditions without the lock code.

In my circumstance, I connected it to a computer that had never sync'd with that pad so it worked like a charm.

Reset an iPad Never Synced with iTunes

Step 1

Section 2 - Reset an iPad Never Synced with iTunes: Disconnect the iPad from the computer, but leave the USB cable connected to the computer.

Step 2

Hold down the "Sleep/Wake" button for several seconds until a red slider appears. Move your finger across the slider to turn the iPad off.

Step 3

Connect the iPad to the computer while holding down the "Home" button to turn on the iPad.

Step 4

Release the "Home" button when you see a message that says, "Connect to iTunes."

Step 5

Launch iTunes. iTunes will alert you that it detects a device in Recovery Mode.

Step 6

Click "OK" and click "Restore" to reset the iPad.