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Adding/Appending Objects to an Array : Swift 3

Wade Cantley

The goal here is just to demonstrate how to add an object to an array using a real-world example.  The code is commented and includes an example of a NSPredicate filter.

Look for /* # */ to indicate where that happens.

// I am including lots of "stuff" so that it is clear how this came together in a real example.  
// The code won't work without something feeding becaons to the notification system.  But that doesn't matter.
// The important bits will have /*>*/ next to it.
import UIKit
import CoreLocation

class ListBeacons: UITableViewController {

    // /* 1 */ - Create a varriable that will act as your storage container.
    // /* 2 */ - Append CLBeacon objects to the array.
    // Setup the variable that will hold the array [] of objects of the type CLBeacon
    /* 1 */ var nearestBeacons = [CLBeacon]()
    //....later in code
    override func viewDidLoad() {
        //Listen for a message containing an array of beacons
        // This comes from another page that sends the package of beacons every time CoreLocation refreshes its search.
        NSNotificationCenter.defaultCenter().addObserver(self, selector: #selector(ListBeacons.getAllBeacons),  name: "sendAllBeacons", object: nil)
    } //viewDidLoad

    func getAllBeacons(notification: NSNotification){
        //clear the array
        nearestBeacons = []
        // Put the package (that contains the beacons) from the notification into a variable
        var packageOfBeacons = Array(arrayLiteral: notification.object!)
        //Put the array of beacons into a variable called "beacons"
        let beacons = packageOfBeacons[0] as! [CLBeacon]
        // loop over that array with the contents of type "CLBeacon"
        for eachBeacon in beacons {
            // Check the proximity, and if it is close move into the IF
            if (eachBeacon.proximity as CLProximity).rawValue == 1 {
                // Filter to see if the beacon already exists in this list.
                let predicate = NSPredicate(format: "%K == %@ AND %K == %@ AND %K == %@" ,
                                            "proximityUUID", eachBeacon.proximityUUID,
                                            "major", eachBeacon.major,
                                            "minor", eachBeacon.minor)
                let sorted = self.nearestBeacons.filter({
                    return predicate.evaluateWithObject($0)
                // If there are no beacons like it in the array, append it.
                if sorted.count == 0 {
                    /* 2 */ self.nearestBeacons.append(eachBeacon)
                    print("Added new one")
    } // getAllBeacons