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How To put CLLocationCoordinate2d into CLLocation for Swift

Wade Cantley

I have a method I want to call however when I get back the center of the map, it is in CLLocationCoordinate2D type.

How do I put the results of CLLocationCoordinate2D into CLLocation?

When mapView changes region, get the Lat and Lon from CLLocationCoordinate2D and create a CLLocation variable with the lat and lon passed in.

func mapView(mapView: MKMapView!, regionDidChangeAnimated animated: Bool){

    var centre = mapView.centerCoordinate as CLLocationCoordinate2D

    var getLat: CLLocationDegrees = centre.latitude
    var getLon: CLLocationDegrees = centre.longitude

    var getMovedMapCenter: CLLocation =  CLLocation(latitude: getLat, longitude: getLon)

    self.lastLocation = getMovedMapCenter