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Resize Image

Wade Cantley

This is a two part piece.  
First you need to put in this handy resizing Utility.

 // Resizes
    func imageResize (imageObj:UIImage, sizeChange:CGSize)-> UIImage{
        //let size = CGSizeApplyAffineTransform(imageObj.size, CGAffineTransformMakeScale(0.5, 0.5))
        let hasAlpha = false
        let scale: CGFloat = 0.0 // Automatically use scale factor of main screen
        UIGraphicsBeginImageContextWithOptions(sizeChange, !hasAlpha, scale)
        imageObj.drawInRect(CGRect(origin: CGPointZero, size: sizeChange))
        let scaledImage = UIGraphicsGetImageFromCurrentImageContext()
        return scaledImage

Then use the resizer and on getting it back , put it into an Image view.

      // Get the image and resize through a Utility resizing system.
                var getUrl = lenderRecord.valueForKey("logoPath")! as? String
                let url = NSURL(string: getUrl!)
                let data = NSData(contentsOfURL: url!) //make sure your image in this url does exist, otherwise unwrap in a if let check
                var imageObbj:UIImage! =   util.imageResize(UIImage(data: data!)!, sizeChange: CGSizeMake(197, 102))

                // Prep the View to handle the image and then display.
                lenderLogoImageView.backgroundColor = UIColor.clearColor()
                lenderLogoImageView.contentMode = .ScaleAspectFit
                lenderLogoImageView.image = imageObbj