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Dates in Swift

Wade Cantley

The challenge I had was trying to break down date info for an app that was going to keep track of the current week as well as the current day.  For that, I really needed to figure out how to break out these parts into something I could use.

After a little looking online, I found some hints and I put together the below in a swift playground.  It is not comprehensive but should get you started.

import Cocoa
import Foundation

//Get the date
let date = NSDate()

// Define the parts you want
let flags: NSCalendarUnit = NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitDay | NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitMonth | NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitYear | NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitWeekOfYear | NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitWeekdayOrdinal | NSCalendarUnit.CalendarUnitWeekday

// Setup the calculator class
let cal = NSCalendar.currentCalendar()

// combine the parts desired with the current date into the components variable.
let components = cal.components(flags, fromDate: date)

//The Parts

//Gets day of the year
let day = cal.ordinalityOfUnit(.CalendarUnitDay, 
   inUnit: .CalendarUnitYear, forDate: date)