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Pomodoro Time

Wade Cantley

The Pomodoro technique is simply to use a pomodoro kitchen timer as a means of chopping up tasks you might be working on, while providing a 5 minute break between each 25 minute work sprint.  The idea being that chopping up your time into blocks helps to prevent burnout and prolong productivity. There are all kinds of benefits and I am not going to waste your time getting too deep into it but if you want to be more productive check this site out that covers the technique here (


I think it is a great method and love the 25 minutes on 5 minutes off pulse.  It keeps me productive for a longer period of time which is why I have been looking for a perfect timer.  And I think I have found one.

This is "Pomodoro Time" and it is great as a pom timer alone, but it is also a very light task management system as well.  And this is neat because it helps to know how long certain tasks take to help you better estimate your work time later.



It has custom settings so that you can figure out how long your sprints should be.  The classic technique is 25-on, 5 off, and then a 15 minute break every 4 pomodoros.

Also, a nice touch is that they have added some interfacing with the Apple Watch. This is perfect for a watch application.  


As you can see, today is all about bacon and zombies.

This is the best pomodoro application out of the five or more I have found and tried.  You can pause, you can stop, you can cancel your current pom, you can check out metrics to see how productive you have been... it is pretty fantastic.

If you dig the technique, this is the application for you.  It also has a Mac app to compliment it.  It is perfect for what I need it to do and is a great example of a minimalist and focused application that covers the basses complete.


Cost : $1.99
Rating : 10 Poms out of 10