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Google Photos

Wade Cantley

Oh look, it is another file management system.

Even though it is Google, it's hard to imagine another file management system that I could possibly want to add to my collection that would again spread my files across the cloud and eventually want me to pay some money to take up storage for the convenience.

But this is free and unlimited (up to a certain size of image but still, free for pretty large images).... ok.. I'll bite.


So lets just take a look at this new photo manager.

Right off the bat, I am able to  export photos from my phone to the cloud backup.  Pretty good.  The quality remains great even though I have chosen to use their compression algorithms.  If you have thousands of images this required lots and lots of time so keeping it plugged in and near the wifi was a must.  Otherwise it would be "Good Bye" data plan!

But still, not crazy impressive and nothing yet that was more unique than any other backup service.....

wait what is this message...


Google has put together some animations?  It has created new collages?  

What sorcery is this!

So it seems that it is able to take multiple similar pictures, order it in time and create the equivalent of animated gifs!



These are then put into collections and what Google comes up with on its own is pretty amazing.  

It grouped all my photos based on common faces, events, locations and even types of pictures.  

I have one group that is fireworks.... yes, it knows what fire works are and found all of them.



Sometimes it isn't relevant at all (like a recap of a grocery trip) but other days, like my family reunion or hitting the lake with my daughter, it grouped it all together into the base for a story that I can go and add some text to.

This app is pretty spectacular, minimal but still very functional and that the whole system goes out of it's way not to just provide you with the tools but auto-suggest and create new content using those tools is just brilliant.

Finding images across time or in large groups is also easy.  Pinching the list of images pulls out to view more images.  This is a feature that has been nice across other apps.  Overall easy to find my images.

Best of all, it seems that it does not group people together by name, just by their face.  So while you get functionality, it is also private in that it doesn't connect the image to anyone specific.

Very nice google.  Very nice.

Price : Free
Rating : 9 Photo-Bombs out of 10