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Turbo Scan – iOS App

Wade Cantley

If you work in an office scenario you're going to run into this problem.

"How do I capture the notes, drawings and such, on the white board?"

For years I would draw it on note paper or simply write down the key points but I always left something out. Then I resorted to taking pictures.  So I would then have these faded marker colors on a white board as pictures mingled in with various pics of food, kids, and an occasional wife+me selfie. 

While the white board is GREAT for conveying ideas, unless you have one of those really cool expensive digital white boards where everything drawn is saved, the ideas on the board will eventually get lost.

Then I stumbled across this app.

What does it do for me?

  1. Take a picture
  2. Set its contrast
  3. turn it to black and white (optional)
  4. Fixes the perspective (perfectly square)
  5. Saves it to a PDF document that i can review later.

Let me demonstrate

Foolproof?  You betcha!

Foolproof?  You betcha!

First, you have to have something you want to put into a doc. In this case, I am working on how to catch really fast animals and I have a great plan.

The first page of the app might seem a little confusing but it holds your documents.  A document can hold any number of images as pages.

In this case I am pulling my fool proof plan from a picture I took earlier. So I hit "Album".

Where I keep my wire-frame ideas, bills, and zentangles!

Where I keep my wire-frame ideas, bills, and zentangles!

.. I select my picture from the camera roll and the first thing it wants to do is help me get this image aligned. Drag the points on the screen around to match the edges of the paper.

This turned out to be a really neat feature as it will show you the exact corner you are moving in a separate frame so that you can see what is under your finger. Occasionally it can figure out the correct dimensions of the content by itself. Kudos!

I get my picture aligned and hit “done”….

Minimal distortion and pretty clear contrast.  Works even better with white boards!

Minimal distortion and pretty clear contrast.  Works even better with white boards!

Now the app has converted it to this stark black and white with a variation in contrast. This makes it look quite a bit like a photocopy. For whiteboard content it is great as a whiteboard picture rarely turns out well.

My plans look pretty stunning at this point.

From this point I have created a new document and I could add more pictures to it. I can send it to myself, convert it to a PDF, save the images separately and a few other things.

I don’t really need to do anything else at this point if I don’t feel like it or if I want to come back later and put more into this doc. I will however give it a name.

Back at the documents list we see we have added a new document.

And that’s it! It is a great app that takes your images, cleans it up and puts it into a document. And as I mentioned, I will be using this for all sorts of white board planning but likely for business cards, receipts… all sorts of stuff!

The cons to this app include poorly designed on-boarding to instruct the user in how some of these areas work.

Price : 2.99
Rating : 8 Photocopy Selfies!