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Wade Cantley

I had been using a bills reminder app that I might cover later and I was reading up on some top-10 apps article and while I had seen most of the others apps mentioned in the article this one stuck out.  Decent ratings by users and it read like it could magically connect to the businesses I make payments too and help me pay them though the app!

And it's... free?!

Ok there is some serious investment that went into the making of this app, so the guys that wrote this app have to be making money somehow.  Sure enough, they make money a couple of ways which is a relief because if you can't find a means for them to make money they are probably capitalizing on your info and you don't want that in this kind of app.

So before I tell you about the app, the two means that they make money include advertising credit card offers albeit discretely, and if you want to make an immediate payment through the app, they charge a fee.  You can, however, send checks through the system for free but of course that takes longer.  That isn't too bad and it is a reasonable trade.

Now lets take a look at some of the app features.

First I have to say that there is a little bit of setup. You have to tell it what kinds of bills you have, whether they are accounts that it knows and can link to or whether it is something outside of it's management range that you can still enter in manually.  Then there are bank account connections and credit card connections.  It sounds pretty scary to put all your info in one place but if you can get past that, it is a wonderful centralized system for managing your finances in as near an automated way as you care to set it up.

This is the first screen which tells you what cash you have in the bank across all your accounts and what bills are due.  The orange halo indicates the number of bills that are due soon.  Green indicates paid, and red indicates OMG GET THAT PAID LIKE NOW!

If you look at the bottom, you can see the "my offiers" and "credit score" hooks where they would make their moola!

8 Offers!  No Way.  Someone wants to lend ME money at 22% interest per year?  Sign me up!

8 Offers!  No Way.  Someone wants to lend ME money at 22% interest per year?  Sign me up!

Why is comcast so high?... must be that "fast lane" I am using with Netflix.

Why is comcast so high?... must be that "fast lane" I am using with Netflix.

Clicking on the "Bills" area brings up your list of bills in order of what is next on the pay list, with details such as what it is and how much is due.  For accounts that are hooked up, you can click "Pay" button, or if you are just manually monitoring accounts, you can mark it as "paid".

This is just a super cool feature and while I am not going to go into every screen, the setup for the accounts is slick and it seems like this app has nearly every service you can imagine available for direct pay through the phone.  And that make sense because that is how the app makers make their money.

Here is where the app shows some limitation.  There is no way to manually refresh so you have to wait for it to refresh your bank info on its own.  So sometimes it is timely, other times you just have to wait and it will get around to it.  I wish I could manually refresh.

However, as you can see, there are alerts listed based on the status of the account and these alerts are pushed to the phone when the app is off.  Should one account get really low, it tells me.... just as soon as it refreshes that data.

p.s. You may have noticed those black dots... that isn't part of the app.  That is info you don't need to see.  As far you are concerned I am making millions and drinking fruity alcoholic beverages with tiny umbrellas by the sea side.

Overdraft?!   Damn you Suntrust  (*shakes fist at sky)

Overdraft?!   Damn you Suntrust  (*shakes fist at sky)

This is my Swiss account in the Bahamas.

This is my Swiss account in the Bahamas.

This is a screen that gives you your overall view of your bank accounts.  Clicking on any of the accounts takes you to the account details.  I am going to spare you my sorted spending habits.  I assure you it is mostly Apple charges for apps and chinese takeout.

Clicking on the Hamburger menu shows all the sorted options.  Again, I have some stuff blotted out because I don't need any more junk mail to that address.

I don't need any more Russian brides, little blue pills, and no more Arabian princes requesting my help to smuggle money into bank accounts.  I already tried to help five other princes and it never worked out.


This is a quick listing of the accounts.  The ones with links are where the account is actually linked to the service company and where I am getting updates on bills that are coming due.  

This is probably the best feature because there are no surprises.  I know what is coming down the pike as soon as it hits my account.  No waiting for the bill to arrive in the mail and realizing that I only have a day to pay it.

It even gives you details about the account.  So my AT&T account shows me the breakdown of my bill.

I need to link up more accounts... tomorrow maybe

I need to link up more accounts... tomorrow maybe

That's uh... my summer home... my Second summer home!  it's a bungalow with a minibar. 

That's uh... my summer home... my Second summer home!  it's a bungalow with a minibar. 

The details for each account are pretty deep but once you set it up the notifications and tracking it is automatic and only requires updating if the bill changes, and that is assuming it isn't linked.  If it is linked it is all pretty much automatically tracked and updated.

This is just a great app.  If you can get past how much info you have to give it in order for it to do what it does, which it does very very well, then it will be an incredibly useful tool in your financial organization.  I am stunned that it does everything that it does in an interface that works well and is easy to figure out.  It is a very complex app that is intuitive and delivers the right information in the right doses per page.

The down side is that it doesn't connect with the bank as often as it should and there is no way that I have found to manually update it.   So if you do something to your bank account, you have to wait a little while for it to figure it out.  Also, some of the reporting features are light and nearly useless.  But that pales in comparison to everything they get right in this app.

Price : Free
Rating : 9 Overdrafts Notices!