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Oak Ridge, TN, 37830
United States


Who is this guy?

Dad & Husband, mobile programmer, culinary enthusiast, phone app junkie, data hoarder, bio-hacker, idea bootstrapper, Pi tinkerer, zen kayaker, livingroom karaoke star, collector of cutlery, pomodoro time manager, robotics surgeon, and inventor of entertaining conspiracy theories.

This is how Chris do.

Swift is-a-changin so I try to keep a list of ingredients and small recipes as bare-bones as possible to make referencing patterns quick and easy.

10 years managing data systems, 3 as a dedicated architect, and a minor in enterprise data management and I still forget some things. So I keep a list of commonly used scripts that help me out from time to time.

Having grown up through the 80s and 90s culture, TV, movies, and music, as well as a technology enthusiast, I jumped at the opportunity to co-host this podcast doing a chapter-per-week deep dive into the book ‘Ready Player One’ by Earnest Cline.